Beetroot Dark Chocolate Brownies…Taste like Oreo’s, only good for you!

beetroot chocolate brownie

If you like Oreo’s you are going to LOVE these beetroot chocolate brownies.  I don’t eat oreo’s anymore…one look at the ingredients stops me in my tracks.  I don’t eat that sh*t, not now, no way jose!  Do you know what’s in an oreo??!  Well let me tell you, it’s CR*P! There’s no nutrition in an oreo…full stop.

Ok, I’ve said my piece, but we all like a chocolate treat don’t we? However, if like me you don’t want to put your health in jeopardy, I have the solution.  These beetroot beauties are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free.  They are indeed still a treat, so please don’t think I’m saying it’s ok to sit on the sofa and stuff your face! I have used medjool dates for the sweetness because at least you are getting some nutrition from them, details of which you can find here.  I’m not a vegan so there are eggs in this recipe, but I’m sure any vegan will have a substitute up their sleeve 🙂

For the fat I use coconut oil…you won’t find anything as ghastly as margarine in any of my recipes…just pure, beautiful coconut oil.  Research shows that coconut oil can help protect against Alzheimer’s.  If you’re interested click here to read the article.

For the ‘flour’ part I use almond flour, which is basically ground almonds and coconut flour.

I believe this recipe is a show stopper.  I think you will be impressed and all those people who gloat at me, whilst eating a Ginsters pie, a packet of crips, and a bag of chocolate buttons washed down with a bottle of lucozade (you know who you are)…I challenge you to tell me this recipe doesn’t taste like it’s BAD for you!

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