My Hydrotherm Massage Experience with Ben Barnett

After answering a few questions and filling out the health questionnaire it was time to experience the Hydrotherm massage.  Ben asked me to think of 2 words which would be used to guide the vocal part of the experience.  I chose ‘Ocean’ and ‘Sunshine’.  I don’t know why… they are just the words that popped into my head.

Lying on my back throughout the entire massage was a much more comfortable experience than lying on my front with my face through a hole.

The heated water pads felt a bit like lying on a waterbed.  Ben started by working up one leg to the hip, repeating on the other side.  He did massage my stomach which would normally a problem for me, but for some reason I was ok with it. Ben massaged my back by placing his hands between the heated pads and my body.  I was asked to take deep breaths in and out whilst completely relaxing.  This allowed for a deeper tissue massage by using my own body weight as well as the pressure from Bens hands.

He worked on the hands and wrists moving up the arms to the shoulders, finishing with the chest area and upper back/neck.  The chest was important for me because it’s where creative energy is stored.  Ben picked up on the fact that I have not been letting my creativity flow as much as I should.  He told me that I needed to let go and trust in what I do more than I am allowing myself.

Once completed Ben asked me if I had noticed anything during the massage.  I mentioned that at one point I felt as if I was drifting off into another world, almost like the mind leaving the body (apparently this is quite normal).  To me the experience was like having the most comfortable and relaxing massage ever, combined with positive thinking hypnotherapy!

The day after my massage I noticed a loosening of congestion on my chest which lasted about a day, so when Ben contacted me a few days later to ask if I had noticed any changes  I mentioned this to him.  This was his reply,

“The chest holds reasons why and why not connected to barriers and boundaries so not caring so much and new opportunities for creativity would fit with those symptoms coming and going that quickly”

It’s now nearly a week after the Hydrotherm guided massage.  I am definitely feeling more positive and able to let go of negative thoughts from the past.  I understand more about myself and why I am the way I am.  It’s given me a starting point to make changes to my thought patterns – thoughts which I know in the past have held me back.  It sounds silly but sometimes all we need is ‘permission’ to be who we really want to be and I feel through these guided massages this is something Ben does extremely well.

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