Podcasts and Products for Women and Fat Loss

ATP Science, my new favourite Podcasts and Products! 

There’s so much misinformation around these days with regards to health, diet and fitness so when I came across ATP Science I realised I’d found a very trusted source.  Their products are also fantastic and the stack above is a good one for women with fat loss goals in mind.  However, we are all different so its a good idea to check what’s right for you.  Below are just some of my favourites;

ATP Science Episode 33 – Secret Women’s Business

ATP Science Episode 2 – Estrogen

ATP Science Episode 95 – T432 Prod-cast

ATP Science Episode 93 – Brain & Gut  Hormone tips for Fat Loss

ATP Science Episode 21 – Transdermal Delivery Systems

ATP Science Episode 102 – Functional Foods for Fat Loss

In case you are wondering who the hell ATP Science are, I have taken the piece below from their website explaining all about them.

So how did ATP Science come into existence?

“On a cold winters day in 2010 a Graphic artist, Scientist and Businessman walk into a coffee shop and were never the same again.

Toni and Jeff, sat under gas lit heater, cupping a mug-o-chino waiting for this legendary “rock star formulator” to arrive. The guy sounded like a super nerd, formulating for the who’s who of supplement companies, a brilliant naturopath and all round amazing talent. Expecting to see a balding glass-wearing super geek with a massive cranium – both Jeff and Toni were taken aback when Matt entered the shop.  Looking more like a front row forward, tall and heavy set with long curly hair – he could not have looked further from what they had envisioned.  “Gday, Im Matt” he said sticking out his hand, his broad “ocker Aussie” accent more reminiscent of Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter than any nerd.

But like most things in life the diamonds are sometimes in the rough. Jeff and Toni were soon to discover this scientist was exactly what they had been looking for; brilliant, honest and uncompromising (and as he would say “devilishly handsome”). For Matt, Jeff and Toni were just the business people he had wished to meet and somewhat of a rarity – they were honest. One thing was for sure – nothing was going to be the same after that day and very soon after they met Jeff, Toni and Matt founded Advanced Technology and Pharmacology Science now known as ATP Science (which is way easier to say AND write) and set about with a simple idea – to change the world and make people better one person at a time.


What is different about ATP Science?

ATP Science is not only on a different page than other health companies – we are in a different book!

Our moto is results not excuses – and we live by that rule for everything we do. We believe that in order to help people achieve whatever their health goals are we have to produce great products and back it up with great information in a way that people can understand and implement.

We believe we create “best in class” or unique products that no company in their right mind would create because to quote a venture capitalist we once spoke to “educating the market is business suicide”. Well – we did it. And yeah at first we were laughed at (and nearly went broke)…then we were ridiculed, then debated about and called “abstract” scientists and idiots and then finally (and this is when we knew we were making a dent in the market) other companies started copying us – and poorly mind you. You see we don’t use google keyword searches or marketing focus groups to create our products. We look at problems and then look at the means to solve that problem, without looking at what other people are doing. Doing this has led to 3 global patents in product category’s we believe are unique – a totally new class of product entirely – because we aren’t sheep – we don’t play follow the leader! We are a unicorn that makes its own path and helps people to get the results they deserve.

Some unique things we have done to create change in the supplement industry is educate people through our health podcast (The ATP Project) which is ranked consistently in the top ten in the world on iTunes.”


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Beat the Winter Bugs with Thieves Oil


Thieves oil is one of those blends I feel everyone should know about.  It has so many uses and is a good natural alternative to chemical based products.  Thieves oil dates back to the 15th Century (1413) when the whole Europe was engulfed by the Bubonic Plague or Black Death.  A small group of thieves seemed immune to the disease.  They would enter the homes of Black Plague victims and steal jewellery and money, with no fear of touching the infected bodies.  The Thieves came from a long lineage of apothecaries and had knowledge of how to use oils medicinally and prophylactically against disease.  The oil blend  they rubbed all over their bodies protected them from this deadly disease.



Thieves oil is a potent blend of essential oils which really does work!  The image above shows a petri dish filled with with E.coli bacteria.  In the middle is filter paper soaked with Young Living Thieves oil.  As you can see, the E.coli didn’t stand a chance!

How to use Thieves Oil

NOTE: Always test essential oil on the soft part of your inner arm to check for any reactions.  Not everyone can tolerate essential oils.  When applying  directly to the skin, dilute in a little carrier oil.   If you are pregnant or breast feeding, consult with a qualified therapist before using essential oils.

  • Germs – Diffuse to kill airborne bacteria, germs and mould
  • Colds and Flu – Diffuse, apply to the soles of feet or take internally to help relieve cold and flu symptoms by placing a few drops in a capsule and swallowing with water
  • Toothache – Apply directly to the gums to numb toothache or gums
  • Headache – Place a drop on your thumb and press to the roof of your mouth for headache relief
  • Sore Throat – Add a couple of drops to a cup of hot water to create a thieves tea, drink or gargle this mixture to help sooth the sore throat
  • Bee & Wasp Stings – Apply to bee and wasp stings to neutralise toxins and stop pain
  • Airborne germs – Diffuse 6-8 drops of Thieves oil to eliminate airborne bacteria
  • Aches & Pains – Rub 2 -4 drops of Thieves oil in 1 tbsp. of carrier oil (olive/sweet almond/jojoba oil) on aches and pains
  • Plant and flower insect repellent – Mix 4 drops in 4 oz water to spray on plants and flowers

Thieves Spray Recipe

2oz Dark glass bottle

1 tsp Organic witch hazel

10-15 Drops of thieves oil

Almost 2 oz of distilled water

Use this spray to kill airborne germs and as a hand sanitiser.  I’m going to take mine into the supermarket and spray the trolley handle – I’m sure that’s where I picked my last cold up from!!

Further reading:

Essential Oils for Healing and Staying well

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How to beat inflammatory diseases with the TREAT APP

app_deviceThe past few months I have been trialling a new App called TREAT.  If you have irritable bowel, acne, psoriasis or any other inflammatory conditions, or are simply new to healthy eating and don’t know where to start, this App is for you!

TREAT offers a customised 8-week programme to guide you through an anti-inflammatory way of eating, along with shopping lists, recipes and healthy foods to regularly include in your diet.  You will be allocated a real life nutrition coach, so this really is worth taking advantage of!  At the time of writing this post, to my knowledge the App is still free, so download it and give it a go!  This would be a great app for health professionals to recommend to their patients to help them on the road to full health through dietary changes.

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Workplace Health Hacks by Lifestylesister & Nuts.com

For this post I’ve teamed up with Nuts.com to bring you some healthy workplace recipes and ideas for staying fit at work.  If you find yourself sitting all day take a look at our Workplace Health Hacks graphic below for some inspiration.  It’s important to be conscious of your health each day.  Over time you will definitely notice the benefits of incorporating some of these ideas!


There’s no denying that planning and preparation are everything if you want to stay healthy in the workplace.  When your life gets busy and you’re out of the house from 7am-7pm you cant just roll out of bed and wonder what you are going to eat that day…trust me, I’ve been there!  Your meals need to be pre-prepared.

Since I found out I need to avoid Gluten and Dairy, the simplest lunches for me are always a homemade vegetable soup (liquidized as this helps prevent gas!) or a large salad in the spring/summer months.  Your imagination is the only thing holding you back here!

That’s the main meal taken care of, but what about the snacks?  Take a look at these healthy snacks by Nuts.com for all occasions, and for that afternoon hunger at work, check out their healthy work snack recipes.  It’s so much better for your health to make everything at home using good quality, organic ingredients. We are what we eat and drink, your energy tomorrow is what you ate and drank today!

Stay well! 🙂

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Natural Deodorant

Nature knows best, volcanic alum for a natural deodorant

Nature knows best, volcanic alum for a natural deodorant

It’s been on my mind for a long time to stop using regular deodorants because of all the chemicals they contain and the links they carry to breast cancer.  It’s important to know that antiperspirants release aluminium ions which enter the sweat glands and block their secretions; whereas deodorants kill the bacteria which create the odour on the skin. The most common ingredient in manufactured deodorant is ammonium alum.  Ingredient labels might lead us to believe that ammonium alum is a pure mineral salt.  However, it is in fact a waste product of the nylon and aluminium factories so there’s nothing ‘natural’ about it.  No-one wants to smell of stale sweat, plus most people don’t know there’s a natural product that works (myself included before now!).  I have to admit I was sceptical before trying this little crystal, having tried natural deodorants before, which were for want of a better word ‘crap’.

My friend Herve gave me this little deodorant crystal, which is actually volcanically formed alum (potassium alum bisulphate).  I have to say it is impressive. It works better than the chemical deodorant/antiperspirants!  It might sound gross but I did a quick check, if I wipe my arm pit in the middle of there day it smells of NOTHING!!  The alum crystal can also be used as a styptic for reducing shaving rash and calming shaving nicks.  Just make sure you wet it before rubbing under your arm pits, it wont work if you try to rub it on dry!!

According to my friend, he said he did ‘pen & ink’ a bit inititally (‘stink’ for all those not au fait with cockney rhyming slang),  but this is to do with your body riding itself of toxin build up.  Personally, I didn’t have this problem…don’t know why but it worked for me straight away 🙂

Amazing natural deodorant!

Amazing natural deodorant!

You can find out more about natural alum at Natural Spa Supplies.

Buy Volcanic Alum deodorant

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The My Fitness Pal App

Track your diet & exercise with this app – it’s amazingly helpful!

I have known about this app for a while but didn’t really understand what it was about or how it could be so helpful.  I was recently re-introduced to it by a nutritionist and Miss Fitness Body Builder called Carla Chacksfield.  Having seen her competition photo’s and listened to what she had to say about diet and exercise, it’s clear we are on the same page.  Carla told me to download this App so I can track my daily food intake in order to make sure I am eating right for my goals.  The day after my first day of tracking I went from 9 stone 1.2 to 9 stone 0.4…not bad!

I actually ate under 2000 calories on the first day, I didn’t feel at all hungry and we also went out for dinner…plus I had 2 small glasses of wine.  Tracking food and water intake made me a lot more conscious of my consumption.

A common problem is that people actually don’t eat enough.  If you enter into this cycle initially you will lose weight.  However, over time it is not sustainable.  You will feel tired, hungry and irritable and in extreme cases cause metabolic damage.  Anyway, that’s a complicated subject, with many factors to take into account and something I feel is for another post.

I shall be adding a post soon about how to determine your calorie and Macro intake for each day (Macro’s are your Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat intake).  This will be for someone who is wanting to burn body fat whilst working out – after all, the two go hand in hand!

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Social Occasions and Trying to Keep in Shape

Summer time can be difficult because there are so many social occasions to go to, and who wants to be a party pooper??!!  Not me!!

I’ve been thinking about how I can still enjoy myself whilst keeping in reasonable shape.  Firstly, I do workout about 5 days per week.  Normally 3 days training, a day off, then 2 days training and another day off.  Obviously sometimes things happen and you have to do more workouts in a row, but I do try to stick to this.  If I’m feeling super tired I don’t workout, you have to listen to your body – that’s my belief anyway.  I know when I’m just being lazy, so these times I’ll push myself to exercise.

With regards to food I am good most of the time.  However, if I go to a wedding or a real one off event, I will indulge myself…or at least not worry too much. Fortunately I actually prefer real, healthy food, so if it’s there I will always choose this first.  I’m most likely to undo my good work by eating some chips, crisps or nibbles!

Alcohol…or should I say ‘Wine’ (and Champagne…who can say no to this?) is probably my biggest fail.  I’m not saying I drink bottle at a time (although it does happen! oops!), but I am aware that if I drink a few glasses it can amount to quite a few calories.  So, my new plan is to take my 750ml bottle of water with me and drink it at the same time.  That way I keep hydrated, I’m more aware of how much wine I’m drinking and it slows me down, so I don’t drink as much.  Oh, I should say that I’ve been carrying a bottle around with me for about a month now, making sure I drink at least 1.8 Litres per day (I worked out that’s how much I need for my body weight via a formula).

I think we should all enjoy life and not be too obsessed, unless you have a specific time frame to reach a certain goal (I’ve said this before).  I am not perfect because I sometimes still eat and drink things which mean I’m not going to lose those last 2 inches off my waist…Maybe I should try to lose those inches just to prove to myself I can? Hmm, well, I’ll challenge myself when I’m ready, which might be soon! 🙂

So, this is where I am at the moment with my body shape.  It’s not bad considering how much I love food and wine!  I hope it will prove to you that you can enjoy yourself whilst still maintaining a reasonable shape!

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Eating The Paleo Way

I like follow Paleo recipes because they do not include dairy, grains or refined sugar. The ingredients are ‘real food’ ingredients. This gives me a good starting point, especially when making ‘treats’ such as chocolate brownies or other dessert alternatives. I normally end up using less of the sweet ingredients such as dates etc. simply because my taste buds have changed over the past couple of years. I now prefer things to be less sweet and I’ve found I also like bitter tasting foods and drinks.

I’ve been eating this way now for nearly 2 years and I find it really helps me to make good food choices.  Having said that, I am no saint and I do slip up from time to time, especially at a party after a few glasses of wine!  But that’s normal for everyone I think, because alcohol tends to stimulate your appetite…anyway, alcohol is another story, I’m supposed to be talking about food!

One of the things most people say when they try to give up refined and processed foods is ‘I don’t know what to eat’.  Well, I said this in the beginning too!  My advice is to join Pinterest and look up Paleo Recipes.  There is an alternative for pretty much everything.  Educate yourself, buy the raw ingredients from Amazon, get stocked up and start cooking!  I don’t feel at all deprived…the only time I do is when I’ve been too lazy to cook and have nothing to hand.  I just don’t want to eat junk so I will normally be prepared or make sure there is something in the fridge I can grab when I’m short on time.


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My Hydrotherm massage experience with Ben Barnett

Ben Barnett profile

I met Ben in the Foyer of his Folkstone clinic in Kent.  Straight away he was very easy to talk to with a presence that inspires trust, making you feel at ease and able to confide in him.  Maybe I’m susceptible, but I also picked up on the healing energy radiating from him.  Celebrity clients of Ben’s include Kylie Minogue and the American fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee, so I knew I was in safe hands.

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