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There are many people offering facial exercises on the internet such as Cynthia Rowland of The Ageless Sisters, Carol Maggio and  Eva Fraser to name a few.  Just take a look at them and you’ll see there has to be something in this.  By doing 10 minutes facial exercise per day they say you can take 20 years off in 6 months!  Of course, it makes sense though doesn’t it?  We exercise the body so why not exercise the face?

The lady I choose to follow is called Peta from FACEROBICS on YouTube.  This lady has completely changed her face since doing these exercises, so if it can work for her it has to work for us all!  Below I have explained how to follow her routines together with links to her follow along programme.  If you’ve never done these exercises before it’s a good idea to spend a little time learning how to do them correctly.  She has a letter ‘i’ in the top right hand corner of each video which will take you to individual videos of each exercise.


The programme starts with 3 different videos called ‘The Basic Routine’.  There is Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 in the basic routine. You must follow the first one for two weeks, then move on to level 2 for two weeks and then level 3 for two weeks of the basic routine.

Only follow the videos for 6 days per week, take 1 day off.

After this you move on to Series 2.  Once again you follow Level 1 for two weeks, Level 2 for two weeks and Level 3 of Series 2 for two weeks.

You then move on to Series 3 and repeat the process.  Once you have completed Series 3 you go back to the basic routine and follow the programme again.

I’m posting the videos so you have everything you need should you wish to join me on this 🙂

FACEROBICS Facial Exercise Routines

Basic Routine, Level 1 – Easy

Basic Routine, Level 2 – Moderate

Basic Routine, Level 3 – Strong

Series 2, Level 1 – Easy

Series 2, Level 2 – Moderate

Series 2, Level 3 – Strong

Series 3, Level 1 – Easy

Series 3, Level 2 – Moderate

Series 3, Level 3 – Strong – COMING SOON!

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