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About me & the Lifestyle Sister Blog…

Firstly I am not a qualified dietician, nutritionist or an expert on food.  This blog is based entirely on how I live my life, what works for me, my experiences and the knowledge I gain from those who are qualified and up to date with the latest research papers.  I am a qualified fitness instructor, but not a personal trainer.  I’ve been working out since the age of 14 and have embraced most of the fitness fads during that time.  I now settle with HIIT (high Intensity Interval Training), body weight and weighted workouts combined with Yoga based stretching – IT WORKS!  As a make-up artist I work freelance with Bobbi Brown cosmetics and also have a  BA(hons) in Fine Art Painting.

Keeping it all together…

My life has been a work in progress so far, covering pretty much everything to do with ‘keeping it all together’ – you name it I’ve done it, Fitness, Diet, Make-up, Hair, Skin…and if I don’t know something, I find someone who does!  I’ve had many problems along the way but I have never given up hope.  There is something inside me that always say’s,

“This is not the end, if this is not what I want, then this is not how it’s going to be, I will find a way”

The longest and most drawn out battle I have had is with ACNE and it is central to this Blog.  By cleaning up your diet you can change so much.  You can also transform your body with the right kind of exercise and improve on what nature gave you with some basic make-up techniques.  Be consistent and conscious of what you do each day and 6 months from now you’ll be amazed at the results!

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