HIIT Workout – 8th May 2015

8th May 2015 Workout

I’ve decided to start sharing the workouts I’m doing.  Some of them I make up myself, depending on how I feel or the areas I want to focus on.  This one I scribbled down last night before I went to bed.  I was thinking about it and decided it is kind of like a Boot Camp for myself.  Sometimes I pretend I’m someone else telling me to work harder and push myself, yes slightly mad I know, but I bet I’m not the only one who talks to themselves 🙂

Firstly, make sure you warm up.  I set my timer for 10 rounds, 15 seconds:15 seconds, so that’s 5 minutes.  I have a sequence of moves & stretches I do which I got from the BodyRock video’s before Zuka Light left.
Workout – Set your timer for 15 Rounds, 10 seconds rest: 50 Seconds work

1. Jump Kicks – Jump from one leg to the other kicking your leg high

2. Skipping with high knees  – Or just do high knees if you don’t have a rope or your ceiling is too low!

3. Shuttle Runs – Shuffle from side to side, keep low, keep your back flat, butt out and touch the floor with your hand.  Try to go as fast as you can (they do this move in the  Insanity DVD’s!)

4. Weighted Barbell Glute Bridge – (See the stick man drawing at top of page) Lie on your back, place the barbell (or dumbbell) across your hips then lift and lower them, really squeeze the butt at the top – it HURTS!

5. Plank Alternate Knee to Elbow – Keep the back flat and abs tight as you bring the knee to meet the elbow.

Cooling down & stretching
These workouts really do work the legs, butt and hips so it’s really important to stretch afterwards.  I do focus quite a bit on stretching out my legs and hips…they can get tight very quickly if you don’t pay attention to them…that’s when you can start to get injuries and back problems.


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