Going paleo…Pancakes for breakfast anyone?


Paleo pancakes with arrowroot powder 2


Breakfast can be a bit of a pain sometimes…depending on how hungry you wake up.  Sometimes I wake up and I don’t eat until about 10.30 because I’ll usually do a workout first thing.  However, today I have a cold so I’m not exercising and I could so easily have devoured a big piece of toast!

Having been away for the weekend and not having access to my usual foods, my skin has erupted around the jaw area (I think due to dairy and possibly wheat).  This is a good motivator to stay on track with the right foods in normal circumstances.

I’ve found the best alternative to toast is to make paleo pancakes…all you need are eggs, arrowroot powder, koko coconut milk, 1/4 tsp baking powder and a pinch of sea salt.  Don’t bother using coconut flour, I’ll tell you now, it doesn’t work!  Coconut flour absorbs too much liquid which makes them crumble – it doesn’t taste isn’t too good either.

For my Paleo Pancakes Recipe made with Arrowroot powder click here

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