How to do Facial Exercise and why I’m giving it a go…

Actually, this is my second time around at facial exercise.  In my haste, I had been doing them incorrectly.  I wasn’t really sure if they were working or not, even though my fiancé Jez thought they were.  Like anything, when you don’t see amazing results as quickly as you’d like, things fall by the wayside.  However, it didn’t make sense to me that they ‘wouldn’t’ work, so I investigated further.  Another email from FACEROBICS dropped into my inbox which led to a video on why the exercises weren’t working for some people.  Peta (the lady in the videos) explained why.  It turned out I had been doing everything wrong.  I had been doing the same exercises for too long, I hadn’t been taking 1 day off per week, I wasn’t following the programme correctly, etc. etc.  It’s kind of good because it means I can give it another go and follow along to the letter.

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