The TREAT App – Personal nutrition coach for people with inflammatory diseases


When I found out about TREAT, I thought what a brilliant idea!  I’m sure many people would like to eat healthily but just don’t know where to start and just don’t have time to sit down and do the research.

Two and a half years ago, I was suffering with acne and had put on a little weight and just didn’t feel my best.  I don’t do ‘diets’ because I don’t like feeling hungry.  For me it was about a lifestyle change and a way of eating that allowed me to feel fit, healthy, clear my acne and naturally keep weight off…all without really thinking about it.  I admit when I started, I did find it difficult.  I’ve always cooked from scratch but going ‘no sugar, no grains’ I had to find new recipes in order to stay interested and to enjoy my food.   I knew I wouldn’t stick to it unless I had alternatives to the usual staples of bread, rice, pasta and cereals.  TREAT wasn’t around back then so I turned to Pinterest and followed anything Paleo…because I knew these recipes would be low carb, refined sugar free and dairy free (I have a problem with cows milk and cheese to it’s better for me to keep off it).

What is TREAT about?

Treat is about clean eating, whole foods and good nutrition for fitness training and lots of energy.  It’s designed to help people with inflammatory diseases such as acne, psoriasis and IBS.  Because you are allocated a real life nutritionist, you can also tell them about any health conditions you might have, plus any food intolerances you know of.  If you don’t know that’s fine too, they will be able to plan your diet based on your symptoms.

It’s hard these days not to recognise that illness really begins with the diet.  After all, 80% of the immune system is in the gut, and is often described as our second brain .

TREAT will lead you through a customised 8-week plan, focusing on behavioural changes, with support along the way, recipes, shopping lists and how to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods.

The app allows you to upload photos of your meals, to then get step by step advice from your nutritionist on how you can improve your diet.

My Experience of TREAT so far

Having run through a bit about me and my diet I was asked to share a photo of my next meal.  I was also asked to upload photos of my food and drinks for one day.  The next phase focused on ‘Healthy Fats’.  I was given a shopping list of what I would need to complete this phase.  My diet already included most of the foods, except Walnut oil and oily fish.  I’m not a massive fan of oily fish anymore, I take a supplement instead, but I have started to include it a bit more because of the app – so it’s working even for me!  I also added in some walnut oil because the app suggested I should.  As human beings I think we find it easier when someone else tells us what to do – even when we deep down know what we should be doing!  I’m still working through the app and have just finished my Protein phase.  I shall continue through to the end.  So far, so good!

I know people who could really benefit from this App which is why I am sharing this information.  I really hope it will inspire people to download TREAT and give it a go.

app_device                                                                             Click on this link to download the app

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